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Hi! I'm a French-Canadian music composer. My music blends a wide variety of genres through a distinctively personal and unique style. I began writing music at the age of 14, in June 2008, and now hold more than 200 original compositions to my name.

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After participating in the 2020 NGUAC and getting myself featured on the frontpage last week, I feel like it's the least of things for me to introduce myself and talk a little bit about what I do!

I am a 27-year-old Québécois and have been a music composer since the summer of 2008. I've always loved music; ever since the age of 6, I can remember dancing vividly on tunes from various artists such as Yanni, the BeeGees, Ricky Martin or Slipknot. However, I can remember never being completely satisfied musically, growing up; never hearing what I really wanted to hear, always wanting a little more and wondering what progressive french-canadian arabic funky jazz rock fusion would sound like if it existed (LOL). So, after a series of accidental circumstances and lots of “whataboutism”, I decided at age 14 to give myself a shot at musical composition. The rest has been history ever since.

It is one of my best friends who introduced me to NewGrounds initially in 2008 and I used to publish my compositions as Thief1337 in the Audio Portal before asking an admin, several years later, to remove all my content from the website and have my account deleted permanently (I had different ideas in mind about my music, at the time). My most successful submission was called Arabic Umbrella, which had peaked #1 on the Best All-Time Tracks list in 2010 and had over 12,000 listens. You might have heard it before, if you're old enough. :)

Since then, I never forgot how awesome NewGrounds was as a platform for upcoming artists, and that is why I decided to come back. As such, to some extent, it came to me as no surprise to have Tom Fulp feature my latest submission on the frontpage: NG has always treated its artists with the utmost respect and appreciation, and I'm absolutely grateful for the opportunities this community is still able to create and provide for all its users regardless of their popularity.

That being said, thank you for welcoming me back with such warmth, and I hope to see you all very soon with my upcoming release! Stay tuned! :)